October 5, 2018

First little project as intern

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The first project I ever worked on as an architectural intern.

I didn’t do much here just take design sketches and turn them into cad drawingsand pick up redlines. I did figure out how to incorporate a dark ominous grain bin element into a metal and block building. But it got built and eventually won an award. That said it was nice to get to visit the first project I ever worked on as a intern. I don’t think I ever would have imagined while workign ona police project that a decade later I would have a badge and be involved in law enforcement. I remember coming from cabinetmaking and woodworking to the design studios at Auburn and then I was exposed to this building which was a type of construction completely new to me, masonry and steel and learning autocad all at once. Definitely a trial by fire experience. Upon reflection and a site visit the fact a landscape architect was not in the budget was …problematic.

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